Components of the faked Pandemic

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Common Law Group

Rule Of Law

Rule Of Law

Nature and natural healing

(Success over 100s of 1,000s of years)

The Common Law Group



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Introduction to Natural Healing

This section is concerned with nature's way: the god given divine earth and it's natural environment that gave birth to life for millennia without the artificial interference of individuals disinterested in the well‐being of living men and women and yet interested in the control of levels of human population on the planet earth.

Natural medicinal herbs and extracts of same have been supplanted by a lucifarian satanic substitute that transfers control of the human body to others (the eugenicists and pharmacists) and thereby perpetrates the theft of sovereignty of living men and women and hands the earth to the controlling families (the cabal), enabled by the eugenicists and pharmacists.

Today's attack on the human race is designed to conclude the objectives of the eugenicists and pharmacists.


Section 1

Naural real cures for illnesses


The following video is a most apt follow on from the subject matter surrounding the Rockefeller and Carnegie anti-human anti-living doctrines illustrated in other sections of the 'Covid & Vaccinations' pages of this web site.

Video 1

Dr. Jerry Tennant:
Recharge Your Battery and Heal Electricity of Life


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