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Mission Statement

The Common Law Group has the following primary objectives:

1. Learning the common law: the supreme law of the land

2. Sharing freely the knowledge of the law of the land with men and women on the land

3.Protecting and enforcing the constitution of the land

4. Enforcing the law of the land and as originally intended following King Alfred's expulsion of the Vikings for the men and women of the land

5. Ensuring enforcement of the Winchester Declaration 2016 for the benefit of the people and to protect against those who are intent upon causing harm to living men and women

6. To put in place a proper and effective means of ensuring common law principles are employed throughout and at all levels of governance and administration

7. To eradicate all pretensions of holding and exercising by right, force, deception, or fraud the sovereignty of any living man or woman without the expressed consent of that man or woman

8. To prohibit psychological attack by unconscious subliminal hypnosis or Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) or other systematic control over men and women by trespass or otherwise designed to circumvent conscious perception or recognition of the control

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The Winchester Declaration
British Constitution Group 2016


Section 2


Structure of the Group

The Common Law Action Group (Telegram 'CL Action Group')


The CL Action Group is the central action group of The Common Law Group and co-ordinates resources and requirements

The next group is about the fake pandemic, and is called “ Covid, Vaccinations, & 5G”, and is for aspects of and issues concerned with the Corona myth.

The two other Telegram groups are the most important since they are both relating directly to common law, and common law: the only way that will enabled to win our freedom.

The first of these is the one in which you may make comments and post information and questions, and this is called “Common Law Discussion”.
The second is ”Common Law Fact”. This second common law group is for confirmed facts and you should not post to this group.


Section 2

Please give serious consideration to taking ownership of your legal fiction by registering yourself in the book of deeds, and then obtaining copies of your common law birth certificates and carry cards from the Common Law Court. Displaying in your car window the common law notice apart from anything else is an advertisement that people read frequently.

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