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The Action Group


About The Common Law Action Group: the 'CL Action Group'

The 'CL Action Group' represents the core of the intent and purpose of 'The Common Law Group'.

The individuals in the CL Action Group are committed to spending some time and effort into carrying out the objectives of The Common Law Group. If the work of The Common Law Group were to be characterised as the eating of an elephant, figuratively only, then the job of the CL Action Group is that of eating the elephant. As in the old instruction on how one should eat an elephant: one bite at a time, so we have a CL Action Group that provides people to man CL Task Groups who are committed to becoming expert at eating specialised mouthfuls of the elephant at a time.

CL Task groups are able to specialise and become expert at eating the particular mouthful specified for their purposing in the job of eating the elephant. Smaller groups like the task groups are able to be more responsive to the particular role and job specified, retaining adaptability, a feature that alone may contribute massively to the success of the group. This may be better characterised as like the Desert Rats which was a unit of the British Army that was set up during World War Two in the Sahara desert by David Stirling. The Desert Rats became highly proficient and successful behind enemy lines at blowing up enemy fuel dumps and other assets, being small highly mobile and highly equipped groups of specialised soldiers.

They subsequently after the war became the world famous Special Air Service (SAS) that was copied around the world under the title 'Special Forces'.

Like all concepts, this concept forms a basis that, once perfected, tends to naturally be a system that is reproducible by others to increase the numbers. This highly desirable feature will increase and assist effectiveness in returning lawfulness to not only this land, but the world population as a whole.

Due to the fact that we are combating perhaps as few as 10,000 individuals in the world who are as enemies of the people threatening to murder a majority of the world population using a number of different forms of genocide, and then in enslaving the remaining people, exactly as John F Kennedy set out to expose in 1963, we cannot name or list those people here, but we can offer our deepest and most heartfelt recognition.

Those right minded and good people will be openly and freely recognised in future times when our freedom has been returned t us by their actions and the actions of all people fighting the multiple tyrannies the people of the world are currently facing.



At the close of the British Constitution Group conference held on 19 November 2016 in the Guildhall, Winchester, chairman Justin Walker read the Winchester Declaration, which was then signed by approximately 350 individuals consisting of almost every attendee in the conference.

Unsurprisingly, some of those attendees are members of The Common Law Group.

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The Winchester Declaration
British Constitution Group 2016


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Maritime Admiralty Law, Language Deception & The Importance of Words


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