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Section 1


About Myself

I am currently engaged in activities the reasons for which concern every living man and woman and their offspring on this planet today.

Working almost day and night, 7 days a week, 7 nights a week, except for when I am sleeping, unpaid, I along with a few tens of thousands of people in London and 5 million people in Great Britain are fighting to avert the objectives of entities (people, for want of a more appropriate word) whose objectives are to kill most living men and women in the world and make the remaining men and women sterile and biologically (genetically) change them into non human androids to serve them as slaves. Those remaining will have no sentient will or mind, soul, or feelings: they will have nothing that we know as human.

This is real. It is not a "conspiracy theory". It has been planned by the same families (or non humans) over many centuries. There is no question that these families absolutely hate and hold in utter contempt living men and women and yet pretend to support good causes by acting under the titles of 'eugenicists' and 'philanthropists'.

All of the above is supported and proven by real evidence.

Since the last day of the referendum on British (fraudulently referred to as the United Kingdom) membership of the European Union, on which day I realised there was more unknown by the British people about the real world they live in than was known, including myself, I made the decision in the last half of that day to make it my mission to try to learn about the hidden realities and thereby to try to understand why I had had to sacrifice so much personally to combat the very people we pay to look after our country for us but who had instead of looking after our country had collectively deliberately perpetrated the opposite by gifting our nation to no less than a bunch of foreign international criminals who have not the slightest interest in the welfare or well-being of living men and women. I also vowed to share my learning with others so as to reduce the levels of ignorance it had become clear to me we were living in. This marked the beginning of a journey that has now engulfed my life in many many if not all respects including, so it seems, all the years of my life before the referendum and also key events including the assassination of JF Kennedy, the 911 atrocity, the "Gulf War", two world wars, the Napoleonic wars, probable influence and cause of the Norman Conquest of Britain, the British Constitution as written (yes it is, contrary to the disinformation, actually written, only in little sections over many centuries, and now forms almost verbatim the American Constitution), the Magna Carta 1215, the Crusades, the Vatican, the City of London, the District of Columbia, freemasons, the Knights Templar, ritual satanic abuse, stolen children for trafficking, child sex slavery, the trade in children to supply the human organ market, adrenochrome, and common law.

In the years immediately following the referendum I kept the vow that I made on that last day. On the 19th November 2016 I found myself at the British Constitution Group conference in the Great Hall in Winchester, the home of King Alfred the Great. Early in the proceedings of that day a motion was tabled by the chairman, Justin Walker, to abolish Parliament. Almost all if not in fact all of the 350 men and women voted yea to its abolition.

Even better was yet to come. The proceedings of that day were concluded with a reading by Justin Walker of the Winchester Declaration 2016 to the conference following which a vote was cast resoundingly in favour of the Declaration following which a prepared original as read was signed by approximately 350 men and women, including myself. The Winchester Declaration is now hopefully in safe keeping for it is a historic document bearing witness to :the :people as represented by those present and may be watched in the video made of that actual reading here:

Video 1

The Winchester Declaration
British Constitution Group 2016


Section 2

Welcome to The Common Law Group.

So, there we have it. The Winchester Declaration sets out what we in The Common Law Group and the many other groups fighting to establish lawful rebellion and a return to lawfulness strive to achieve as a matter of great urgency.

First, in order to know and understand how one is located at the present one needs to know where one has come from, and by interpolation see the direction in which things are headed. In order to establish this some history no matter how meagre is required. My story it seems may help in this, and so I have shared my story or view of the decades that have passed since I left school because it seems this often provides the clues as to the direction we are facing and headed in.

In 1970 I left school: I was newly eligible to vote, the nation was in the grip of people who appeared to hate it (primarily the Labour Party and the "Left"), and also there was a general election that year.

I voted, or so I thought, for the party that would best look after our country and not just "the working man" or "the working classes", and thereby also in the long run benefit the workers far better than ever the Labour Party could do. I already hated politics due to the infiltration about 2 years previously into the school teaching staff by a 'radical' communist teacher. I subsequently learned more about his type of operation since this was exactly consistent with Saul Alinskey's Rules For Radicals', which, in principle, defined formulas and ways and means to destroy nations and societies. Other reasons for my fledgeling hatred of politics was the truth in the statement that "truth is the first casualty of politics". I did not need to witness more than a month or two of this teacher's transparent dogmas and dishonesties to know that these people were driven, cared only about winning arguments and not about the truth in the subject, and cared not for the real welfare of any living man or woman.

In a way this teacher did a lot for me in providing a healthy hatred of politicians and to regard them as a class of professional liars and deceivers who made livelihoods out of their trade. The evidence in plain sight today embodied in the fact even the best politicians have taken part in the wilful betrayal of fellow men and women who have paid them to the enemies of those men and women paymasters. Through obfuscation and self-delusion politicians came to believe that anything they believed was correct just because they, from their artificial high ground, could look down upon ordinary people (commoners?).

The leader of the Conservative Party at the time of the 1970 election was Ted Heath. Only two years later, helped by my vote, he committed perhaps the greatest single act of treason against Britain for many centuries in the form of the 'European Economic Communities Act'. This treasonous Act also betrays the traitorous action of the monarch of the time, Queen Elizabeth.

To vote for a politician to act on your behalf is to
lend your sovereignty to a professional
liar, obfuscater, and deceiver.


Please give serious consideration to taking ownership of your legal fiction by registering yourself in the book of deeds, and then obtaining copies of your common law birth certificates and carry cards from the Common Law Court. Displaying in your car window the common law notice apart from anything else is an advertisement that people read frequently.


Video 2

This is Common Law and statute law by the late John Harris under the title

The video you are about to watch (and please watch all of it, it is very informative) details how our governments are not really what we think they are anymore. In fact, they are nothing more than corporations; not figuratively, but actually corporations. This makes sense when you think about it in relation to the Global Fascist Government that is being set up. For they would need to abolish the nation states in any legal manner they could, but they would also need to set up a governing body that extends beyond the limits of language and nationality, in order to accomplish that. So, like math is a universal language, the corporate model is a global one. If they are capable of setting up nations as corporations, then they will fit more neatly into their pyramid structure of control that is well on it's way to being created. 



Video 3

This is John Smith of the Common Law Court speaking at Alternative View AV10 in May 2019.
A Lawful Remedy for the People :

John Smith here explains why there is a need for the Common Law Court.

AV10 - John Smith - Common Law Courts


Video 4
(John Bingley, British Constitution Group)

John Bingley Magna Carta and The Rule of Law
View the full event here: marks the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta. The Magna Carta exerted a significant influence.

John Bingley: the British Constitution Group,


Video 5

The straw man, an important concept in judicial deception, is explained very well in this video.

Strawman - The Nature of the Cage (OFFICIAL)


Video 6
(Albert Burgess)

From watching this video and listening carefully to every word of Albert much may be gleaned about how common law applies and also is applied: for example, if you report a crime to a constable or public servant and that public servant does no act upon the information, or tries to impede or block or obfuscate so as to hinder the course of justice, then that individual is committing misprision (and if in relation to treason, is in fact misprision of treason which is as serious as the act of treason itself).

This is is Albert Burgess, ‘A Case For Treason’.

Albert Burgess - A Case for Treason


Section 3

[The title Action Conquers Fear is apt for the time this video was recorded in 2019 ...]

An increasing number of people are seeing through the political smoke, mirrors, spin, lies, propaganda, and deceit that is cloaking the installation of a new political and social regime, in UK and world-wide. This 'Regime' is vehemently hostile to the very people it claims to protect.

Video 7
(AV10 - Brian Gerrish - ACTION Conquers FEAR) 2019

AV10 - Brian Gerrish - ACTION Conquers FEAR


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