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Section 1

The Task Groups


About 'CL Task Groups'

Current Task Groups consist of 'CL TG-1' through 'CL TG-10'.

CL TG-1 Lawful Notices

This group carries out the following roles:
1) maintaining a book recording men and women both as individuals and by corporate and institutional classification who have been identified as in need of notification of their actions.
2) drafting, outlining and composing lawful notices for each target or group of targets in 1) above.
3) referring and checking draft notices as they near completion to the support group members for comments and or amendments.

CL TG-2 Notice Writing

This group carries out the following roles:
1) A group of specialist (common law) notice writers dedicated to the writing of notices.

CL TG-3 Overview Support

As the most highly experienced individuals in common law, trust law, contract law, and cannon law, plus (the corrupted) languages legalese and others, this group carries out the following roles:
1) as consultants to the other Task Groups, on an as needed basis deemed by the members operating other Task Groups, in a consultancy role.

CL TG-4 Evidence for Actions

This group carries out the following roles:
1) collection and collation of evidence relating to unlawful acts by men and women and corporations.
2) records and catalogues of evidence collected including the incidents and actions they pertain.
3) publishing to the CLG catalogues of evidence for use when and where needed.

CL TG-5 Lawful Remedy

This group carries out the following roles:
1) identification of steps necessary in respect to each case for which remedy is to be sought.
2) collection of accounts and damages ascertaining level of damages to be sought.
3) Final preparation of cases for enforcement.

CL TG-6 Remedy Enforcement

This group carries out the following roles:
1) identification of actions required in respect to each case.
2) taking the actions: enactment

CL TG-9 [Reserved]

CL TG-10 Common Law School

This group carries out the following roles:
1) Education and dissemination of knowledge on common law.
2) training and realigning of 'world view' to dispel indoctrination and replace with 'view of truth'
3) raise and empower individuals in standing under common law with a view to training 'common law constables' for the Court of Common Law and the Common Law Court.

i) It should be noted that the 'Common Law School' is an organisation in it's own right
ii) The School consists of classes of groups of students, essentially undergoing courses in common law course.
iv) subject groups do exist in the Common Law School and these are currently being evolved to suit requirements and the times.

Please enquire within for details and bookings (possibly previously thought of as 'registrations').

Purposing and Running of the Task Groups

Current Task Groups are as follows:


Please give serious consideration to taking ownership of your legal fiction by recording your birth in the book of deeds, and then obtaining copies of your common law birth certificates and carry cards from the Common Law Court. Displaying in your car window the common law notice apart from anything else is an advertisement that people read frequently and also puts on notice those profiteering from their ongoing deception of living men and women.

Common Law Court Homepage - Common Law Court


Section 2

Constitution, Law, People

Video 1

The British Constitution

This is John Smith of the Common Law Court speaking at Alternative View AV10 in May 2019.A

Lawful Remedy for the People :

John Smith explains why there is a need for the Common Law Court.

Video 2

AV10 - John Smith - Common Law Courts

Video 3

The Winchester Declaration
British Constitution Group 2016

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